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Solutions for Children at ALYN Hospital. 
Developing customized products for every child with a disability throughout Israel. 
It’s what we do. Period. 

About PELE

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ALYN Hospital is the only rehabilitation center for children and adolescents in Israel and one of the leading facilities in the world. ALYN Hospital specializes in diagnosing and rehabilitating children coping with a wide variety of congenital and acquired physical disabilities. 
PELE (a Hebrew acronym meaning 'solutions for children ALYN'), together with the National Insurance Funds and the support of additional donors, is an innovation arena where customized solutions are developed for children with disabilities. These solutions are for day-to-day use, seating and mobility, communication, leisure, play, and more. 
The developed products are affordable and capable of adapting to the child’s social and age-appropriate needs. PELE offers a unique entrepreneurship model that brings together entrepreneurs and developers with the target audience and one of the most state-of-the-art physical work spaces in the world that has both low-tech and sophisticated technological equipment to enable preliminary development of customized solutions. 
The children are referred to PELE by HMOs, clinical therapists, schools and other organizations in Israel. PELE also welcomes requests directly from parents and children.
Volunteering at PELE
Families and Caregivers
PELE collaborates with corporations, non-governmental organizations,   and academia in order to promote solutions for the children. 
Professionals that specialize in various production fields volunteer to develop solutions for PELE kids. 
We develop customized solutions for children with physical disabilities. If you know children who require a customized solution, please contact us. 
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