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Soft back support corset for young children with muscle weakness

A corset for small children weighing 13-15 kg requiring back support to enable use of the hands and to stabilize the position of the head.

The product is suited to the child’s proportions and requires professional measurements (it’s best to schedule an appointment at PELE for this).

The corset can be enlarged as the child’s body grows, up to a certain point.

This corset is an improvement of an existing product on the market. Hundreds of soft corsets have been adapted for children in recent years at PELE, and effectively meets the needs of the children.

A recommendation from a physiotherapist or occupational therapist or orthopedist is needed.

Click here for the instructions for use

Can be ordered through PELE - The cost of the product: 1,150 NIS

Please email us

Do you know any children who can benefit from such a product?

Contact us and we’ll develop a similar customized product for you!

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