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Special custom seat

Supported, comfortable sitting is essential to us all in order to perform our daily tasks at school and at home. Discomfort and pain impairs our function and may impact a child’s development. Maladjusted seating can cause long term skin and skeletal damage. Children may also develop scoliosis of the spine and pelvis, and significant protrusions of the skeleton, pressure sores and joint contractures.

In these cases, it is difficult to maintain a sitting posture over time, and the children experience pain due to various pressure points in sitting.

PELE’s team of experts develop a custom seat from various materials, after scanning their body pattern in a sitting position.

Can be ordered through PELE - The cost of the product will be determined based on the user's specific needs.

Please email us

Do you know any children who can benefit from such a product?

Contact us and we’ll develop a similar customized product for you!


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